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We serve more than 100 partners in over 10 countries, ranging from governments, media companies and affiliate partners to national consumer and non-profit organisations. Together we challenge each market and aim for the best possible deals for consumers. Our collective campaign and comparison engine services are based on transparent CPS models and include every supporting service necessary. We work with military precision, innovative IT solutions and a bright young team of market experts.

What is the concept of the collective buying program?

Collective buying is when an organisation groups together a number of energy customers and ‘auctions’ their cumulative volume to an electricity and/or gas supplier to negotiate a unique deal from the supplier. The greater the number the better the deal should be.

It may not always be better than any individual deal a customer might be able to achieve. However, being part of a group and the involvement of a trusted party (the business partner), helps overcome reluctance and disengagement.

Collective buying can apply to more buying criteria than just price: for instance, green energy. If individual consumers agree to the negotiated deal they become part of a collective switch.

Collective buying: switching stakeholders & roles

  • Consumers (demand side): register and supply details to have option to be part of collective switch. There are typically four key stages: registration; auction; personal offer and acceptance. Benefits: Consumer friendly contract, at a better price, through a trusted party (i.e. the business partner).
  • Energy suppliers (supply side): bid at “auction” to supply. Main advantage is that they gain many new customers in a short span of time. Further benefits: association with a trusted partner (business partner); improved brand awareness.
  • Business Partner (consumer organisation, organising party): each collective scheme is jointly marketed with a third party – these include a wide range of organisations from consumer groups to local authorities to newspapers. Benefits: meaningful proposition for consumer base; exposure, and increased brand awareness; increased membership.
  • Pricewise (facilitator, organising party): As facilitator, Pricewise completes the behind scenes negotiation, auctioning and switching, and operates of a web platform where customers can register and suppliers can bid in the auction. On the marketing side, Pricewise takes care of communication development, and marketing activation. Benefits: this is our core business; realisation of our mission to make markets; generate income.

Menu of Pricewise tools and services

For every stage of collective buying and switching Pricewise offers its tools and services. Much is possible, and most is flexible.

ToolsPeople and departments
Front office systemOverall Program & Stakeholder Management
Back office systemOperational Project Management
Calculation tool: each offer is personalSupplier Management
Auction toolFulfilment
Fulfilment software interface development tailored to supplierMarketing Communication
E-mail: personalised mass e-mail toolGoogle AdWords specialists
Project management tool, and overall project plan that covers the entire programPress Office
Elements of Customer Service Support

For every stage of collective buying and switching Pricewise offers its tools and services. Much is possible, and most is flexible.

Pricewise takes care of the engagement with the energy suppliers:

  • Motivates them to participate (in co-operation with business partner).
  • Enters into agreements with suppliers (after aligning with business partner).

Throughout the program, Pricewise provides support to create awareness with the consumer base, through marketing communication including: offline tools and strategies; online tools and strategies and content development. The auction will be organised by Pricewise using an auction tool developed by our IT-professionals with the supervision of a notary (if desired).

Pricewise calculates the personal offers:

  • Each offer is calculated individually, with the information provided by the consumer and the energy supplier.
  • Personal offers are submitted to each registered consumer.

Pricewise makes all arrangements for fulfilment between the back-office system of Pricewise, and the system used by the winning suppliers. Fulfilment is the optimisation of the data transfer between the systems of Pricewise and the supplier, to cope with the (large amount of) transactions.

If you want you can download a presentation about our projects here.

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