As a result of years of experience in comparison engine building and a large number of European collective campaigns, Pricewise has very unique data and specific knowledge of the European energy markets and international consumer behaviour. Our team of energy experts have built up an extensive network of partners. Ranging from governments and media companies to national consumer and non-profit organisations.

In our home country we actively operate not only in the energy market, but also in the telecom, health care and car insurance market. Our team of insurance and telecom experts negotiates with insurance companies, telecom providers, national supervisors and authorities daily. Consequently, we have an in-depth view and understanding of new regulations and developments and their impact on consumer services. We are teamed up with research company Motivaction to analyse our big data and publish consumer studies and results.

Press contact

For press contact, please call Jolanda van Es (+31 6 19 98 57 39). She will respond swiftly to your questions, provide you with additional market data or get you in contact with one of our market experts.

Niels Brolman