Together we challenge the market

With our business partners throughout Europe we improve markets. Our mission is simple. To get the best deals for European consumers in energy, telecom and insurances. How? By strongly increasing levels of transparency, efficiency and competition.

How do we change the market?

We have been developing pretty intelligent comparison engines over the years. With these, we enable consumers to easily compare and switch their contracts. Together with business partners we have set up numerous collective campaigns in several European markets, supporting the whole process from communication and consumer subscription to supplier auctions, administration and even after switch service. The result: happy consumers who benefit from the best product, for a fair price.

What makes us unique?

Pricewise has unique market knowledge, a great deal of IT experience and an extensive commercial network. We believe in close personal contact with all stakeholders involved to develop customised partnership solutions and provide excellent service. With our platforms we enable business partners to leverage their brand awareness, enlarge their client base and create impact for better consumer markets. Read more about us and our team of market experts.

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