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Together we create value for your clients

We serve more than 100 partners in over 10 countries, ranging from governments, media companies and affiliate partners to national consumer and non-profit organisations. Together we challenge each market and aim for the best possible deals for consumers. Our collective campaign and comparison engine services are based on transparent CPS models and include every supporting service necessary. We work with military precision, innovative IT solutions and a bright young team of market experts.

The concept of collective buying

Collective buying bundles large numbers of households together and uses their collective purchasing power to negotiate lower prices from energy providers. In this ‘auction’, the energy providers bid against each other for our business. The energy provider that offers the best deal wins. The greater the number of participating consumers, the better the deal. For consumers, collective buying is an easy and safe way to instantaneously lower their monthly energy bills with little to no effort. Collective buying need not only be about price; our campaigns can also focus exclusively on green energy, for example. Whatever the criteria our partners choose, Pricewise pre-screens all energy providers beforehand to ensure they have strong track records, offer fair contracts and deliver a positive customer experience.

Collective buying stakeholders: roles and benefits

Consumers (demand side)

To sign up for a campaign, consumers simply register online free and with no obligations. The auction results in a lower energy tariff, which we then present consumers. At that point, they have the option to join the collective (or not). There are no strings attached. Together with our business partner, Pricewise ensures a positive customer journey and a consumer friendly contract.

Energy suppliers (supply side)

Reliable and experienced energy providers bid against each other at an Pricewise-organized auction. The provider offering the cheapest fees wins and this price is presented to the consumer. What’s in it for energy providers? Our auctions help them reach new customers – and improve brand awareness – with minimal effort.

Business Partner (organising party)

The business partner offers access to their client/membership network and activates this network to subscribe to the collective buying program. Pricewise organises the campaign under the partner’s name. It is essential that the partner supports the campaign through marketing and PR, with Pricewise’s active support if need be.

Apart from offering a positive value-added service to their clients, our partners receive positive brand awareness and customer loyalty; a tool with which to attract new members and generate additional income; and help contribute to more competitive energy markets.

Pricewise (organising party):

As facilitator, Pricewise is responsible for the overall project management and provides support to the partner through every campaign stage. Pricewise negotiates directly with the energy providers, organises and manages the auctioning and switchover processes and runs the web platforms used to communicate with consumers.

On the marketing side, Pricewise´s experienced marketing team develops communication and marketing activations that complement the partner’s own marketing/PR efforts. Organising collectives is our core business and allows us to achieve our main mission, which is to lower consumer energy bills around the world and introduce a new source of revenue for our partners.


All our partnerships are flexible and each campaign is different. The precise shape and scope of the campaign, the strategic alignment and depth of collaboration will be determined together during the first phase of the campaign.

Pricewise services and tools

  • People and departments
  • Overall Program & Stakeholder Management
    Front office system
  • Operational Project Management
    Back office system
  • Supplier Management
    Calculation tool: each offer is personal
  • Fulfilment
    Auction tool
  • Marketing Communication
    Fulfilment software interface development tailored to supplier
  • Google AdWords specialists
    E-mail: personalised mass e-mail tool
  • Press Office
    Project management tool, and overall project plan
  • IT-professionals
  • Elements of Customer Service Support
    Problem logging

For every stage of collective buying and switching Pricewise offers its tools and services. Much is possible, and most is flexible.

What does this mean for you?

Pricewise provides support to create consumer awareness

Through online and offline tools and strategies, and content development. We also organize the auction using our own auction tool.

Pricewise takes care of the engagement with the energy suppliers

Motivates them to participate (in co-operation with business partner). Enters into agreements with suppliers (after aligning with business partner).

Pricewise calculates the personal offers

Each offer is calculated individually, with the information provided by the consumer and the energy supplier. Personal offers are submitted to each registered consumer.

Pricewise makes all arrangements for fulfilment

Fulfilment is the optimisation of the data transfer between the systems of Pricewise and the supplier, to cope with the (large amount of) transactions.

Comparison engines

Pricewise is behind a few of the largest and most popular Dutch and Belgian comparison websites for energy and household service contracts. Our websites do not just help consumers compare prices online, but they also make it possible for them to quickly and easily switchover to cheaper providers. True to our key values of transparency, honesty and independency, we are always open about our processes and never, ever favour any one provider.

In addition to our own sites, we design and manage energy comparison websites for a number of our partner organisations. As stipulated by the EU Winter Package 2016, every European Union member state must provide its consumers with energy price comparison tools. We offer our comparison expertise to all potential international partners. Which is to say, to all those governments and organisations interested in creating a comparison site of their own, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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